ICT education

I believe that continuing to educate myself on ICT is really important as a future educator. I feel it will help me keep up to date with not only technology but the dangers, issues and concerns that students and parents have with ICT. This will help me better prepare for the use of ICT within my classroom and provide the right education to my students and family members when I am teaching. It is important that students are aware of all aspects of technology along with the benefits and concerns that may arise. I came across Collins Blog and after reading it I became inspired to actually explore education of ICT to kick start my ICT education. He shared a link to Netsmartz in which he gained a certificate in. So thanks to Collin I’m on the way to gaining a certificate too. However if it wasn’t for Collins great resources I probably wouldn’t have thought about starting educating myself just yet, so thanks Collin.


A Future Educator

As a future educator, this course has expanded my knowledge of ICT and has inspired me to implement it into my teaching practices.  I believe that by using ICT brings the students closer to real world experiences. It also provides a more diverse learning opportunity not only to ensure that all students learning needs and abilities are met but also achieving possibilities that simple text books can no longer provide. It provides an environment where students can take charge of their own learning and engage more deeply in the learning experience. However I do believe there will be barriers that I will need to overcome and some that may limit my opportunity to succeed in providing an ICT rich learning environment. I came across this journal article A bridge too far? Explaining beginning teachers’ use of ICT in Australian schools, by Frank Bate (2010). It discusses how new teachers set out to use ICT in their classrooms. However due to the different circumstances that teachers face in their classroom environment this was not always the way, therefore differing from their pedagogical beliefs. It goes on to explore how new teachers have an understanding of ICT as they were brought up in the world of digital technology and the Impacts this has on their pedagogical approaches. After reading this article it made me feel a little overwhelmed but determined to try and implement ICT into my pedagogical approach.

Bate, F. (2010).A bridge too far? Explaining beginning teachers’ use of ICT in Australian schools.Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 26(7), p1042-1061.

Last week the Journey


Well it has come to the final week of ICT and Pedagogy and I have now come across a wealth of ICT knowledge. It has provided me with the steps to recognise and from here on explore and deepen my knowledge and understanding of ICT. After writing all these blogs each week I am even thinking about starting my own personal blog, now that I know how easy it is. I have found myself looking at other people’s blogs outside of this course and have found how useful they can be in communicating ideas, thoughts and resources. I have fallen in love with scootle, now that I actually know what it is. I have found this digital resource so handy for this subject and other subjects. I feel like I am ready to take on the challenges of professional experience for this course especially with the use of the IWB. Like Emma I too have felt limited in other professional experiences where my understanding and knowledge of IWB has impacted my lesson planning. However I feel more confident with my ability to manipulate them so that students learning can be transformed and amplified making a more engaging and successful learning experience.

Challenges and fears of PE

With Professional Experience creeping up in just over three weeks’ time like Steff, I too have a few fears that have crept up since my PE has now been organised and finalised.

With this PE being the first of its kind, a big school I am quiet unsure how I will go. I have only ever done very small classes with multi-level grades. This will be my first in a single class in a school with well and truly over 50 students.

I am also a little nervous about using ICT to meet the standards needed for assignment three as most of my mentors have stuck to the C2C documents. Even though they do offer a few opportunities to engage in ICT I am hoping I can broaden my horizon and incorporate some new technologies like the Bee bot and others. However I am not the best with ICT so as much as I want to have a go I also don’t want to make a fool of myself by not being able to understand how to use them properly.

I always get a bit anxious when it comes to PE as I try to mix work, family, placement and additional assignments from other subjects into one for a short period of time. I am just so thankful we have a little break coming up which will allow me to hopefully start to catch up on everything so I can enjoy PE.


After reading both Sandy and Denise blogs about CLEM and IWB I have grasped a better understanding of what they are and how to incorporate them more interactively within my classroom whilst on prac. My mentor has informed me that the class I am going to do Professional Experience with a testing but lovely bunch of students. So I have developed my CLEM for Professional Experience before it starts, I am sure I will be able to amend these and adapt parts of them throughout my lessons with guidance from my mentor.

Community – I will discuss with my mentor how I might incorporate different ICT into the classroom to engage the students. I will utilise the school community and also the community on the internet (such as my peers and other teachers through forums) for resources and additional help to engage students in the learning via the internet.

Literature – I will discuss with my mentor what type of ICT she incorporates and the reasoning behind these. I will find out why certain ICT were used and others were not.

Examples – I will observe how my mentor incorporated ICT into her teaching and how students react to this type of engagement.

Model – I will ask my mentor to model particular ways on using ICT and discuss guide me through ways in which i can improve.

Students and ICT

How will you know if your use of ICTs in these learning experiences was successful?

I will be able to identify if the students learning experience was successful by the outcome of the assessment, how students have utilised the use of ICTs during class participation and engagement and the feedback that students provide.

How will you know if the use of ICTs you designed was good, brilliant, okay, or very limited?

This would be measured by student involvement in the learning process and if the students were able to grasp new concepts and understandings. Students would to show their willingness to learn by using the ICT and if their understanding was actively portrayed through new skills leaned.

What would success look like?

Success would look like to me that the students are motivated to learn and engage in the learning activity that the ICT provides. That the students are able to utilise the ICT to the best of their ability by exploring different aspects of the ICT and taking risks in their learning. Success wouldn’t be measured by what they provide but how and what they learn from the ICT.

Cyber safety

Reading through the learning paths I loved the quote that David shared about kids  growing up on digital playgrounds and teachers being on recess duty. #whatisschool by Kevin Honeycutt. I feel that this is totally true. Technology is what children interact with and they need to be supervised on how to use it responsibly, ethically and safely which is no different to being on duty outside the classroom. Technology can open up various windows of opportunity and information however you still do have to educate students on the safety and how to be responsible when using different types of ICT.

Reflecting on quiz one results.

I received 2/4 for this quiz and like Emma I was quiet intrigued by the ones I got wrong also having many misconceptions about bullying and cyber bulling. The one that I was shocked about was about cyber bulling. I really did think that was becoming more an issue particularly in secondary schools as you always hear about it. However it did open up my thoughts about bulling and cyber bulling.

Quiz 2

I got 25/25 for this one and it was a relief as a lot of the quiz aspects are things I try and instil on my children when they use the internet and how important it is to choose safe sights and what information should be shared.